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Meet The GAAP Orphanage Trustees

About Us

GAAP Orphanage Foundation is dedicated to improving the welfare of children who have become uncared for in Nigeria and we are working diligently to expand our provisions to children in other parts of the African Continent.

The mission we intend to carry out is such that we aim to deliver relief in the form of aid ranging from the provision of shelter, food, clothing, education and medical support to those children within the communities that are deprived as result of unfortunate occurrences including the act of war alongside unforeseen economical and social factors.

In doing this we hope to help rebuild lives and give more confidence to families in need with particular emphasis on abandoned and orphaned children within these remote communities

Our Strategy

Through fundraising activities and donations, GAAP Orphanage Foundation at the offset will work closely with established orphanages in Nigeria.

We will communicate with them in order to ascertain what challenges they are experiencing and support them by offering solutions to their problems.
Long term objective

To set up an orphanage in Nigeria were direct support can be available to the orphans. Although GAAP Orphanage Foundation’s focus is in Nigeria, our mission is of a worldwide impact.

We will offer assistance to other orphanages in Africa where our support is required. GAAP Orphanage Foundation is about the welfare of orphans and our objective is to help wherever possible.
Abbey Orebanwo – Founder

Abbey is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant. He graduated from Greenwich University with BA Hon’s in Accounting and Finance. He is also a qualified mortgage broker.

Currently working as an Accountant, Abbey manages a chain of businesses and is very much into real estate.
Abbey has always supported other charity organisations. He was a committee member of Xpect, a youth social club within the London Borough of Newham and was also an elected School Governor for his son’s primary school in Essex.

It is Abbey’s dream to ensure that orphans of Africa are provided for and that no child suffer due to no fault of their own.

He is a Christian and happily married with two lovely children age 17 and 9. During his spare time he enjoys Salsa dancing and travelling with his family.

Terry Lewis - Co-founder

Is a Christian and runs two businesses in Essex, Salsa Chillout and Mwah! Catering.

He is married to Yolande and has four children. He enjoys music, entertaining and spending time with his family.

He is passionate about GAAP Orphanage Foundation and his dream is to see its growth into an organisation that changes lives.

Douglas Elom

Douglas is a professional Information Technologist with a Masters Degree in Computer Systems & Networking from South Bank University.

With a varied interest in music Douglas spends time writing and singing.

Douglas along with his partner looks after a loving household with four children.

Anthony Snow

Anthony Snow is a Senior Campaigns Officer at Transport for London and has 13 years experience in journalism and public relations. He graduated from Greenwich University with BA Hon’s in Accounting and Finance.

He was formerly the director of Snowmedia with a roster of clients which included the Department for Education where he was directly reporting to senior civil servants and government ministers. He also project managed initiatives for the Football Association’s anti-racism campaign (Kick It Out).

Valerie Tulloch

Valerie Tulloch currently works for a large UK children’s charity. Her background is in social work and she has spent the past 20+ years working in various capacities with children, young people and their families. She brings a wealth of knowledge about setting up and delivering safe services for children.

Valerie chose to get involved with GAAPOF after being infected with Abbey’s enthusiasm for the project and impressed by his drive and commitment to making a difference to children in need in Africa.
In her capacity as Secretary she will play an active role in ensuring the business of the committee meetings are well organised and productive and have a role in supporting the progression of administrative tasks.


Petra Orebanwo

Petra is a qualified nurse and currently works within the field of urology and oncology as a specialist nurse in the South East of England.

She is happily married to Abbey and has two children and enjoys spending time away with her family.

She shares a deep passion for children’s rights and believes that their future is the future of the world.

Marianne Kahl

Marianne visited one of the orphanages depicted on our website in 2008. Having seen the conditions that the children live in, particularly the disabled children, she came back determined to help make a difference to the orphans’ lives.

She was delighted to discover that GAAP are helping the very children she cannot forget and has joined our organisation as a volunteer. She is also involved with Camp Cando Organisation, a UK charity which provides an annual activity holiday for young adults from London with learning disabilities.

A graduate in Modern Languages and Marketing from Salford University, Marianne works in the field of Expatriate Management.

Abi Idowu

Abi is a graduate with an M.A. in Human Resources Management from the University of Bolton with a lot of interest in community fundraising.

Abi also works as a volunteer for Bolton FM station as a newscaster and trainer.
She is also a mentor and art facilitator for socially excluded and disadvantaged people with the Bolton Race Equality Commission.

As a performance artist and writer, Abi’s love for music underpins her passion for solutions to child poverty.

Abi believes that together we can make poverty history.

Hollie Kemal

Hollie is a UKA qualified Salsa instructor and vocal coach with an extensive corporate career also.

She now focusses on providing her little family with the best start in life that she can.

With an innovative passion for creating ideas and seeing them come to life and grow. Hollie is an integral part of GAAP's fundraising co-ordinating.
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